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Fat Boy® 107


21,500.00 21,900.00 

The name may be Fat Boy®, but the look is all muscle. This is the icon, riding on a 240mm rear tyre, 160mm front tyre and solid disc wheels. You get satin chrome finishes and signature LED lighting. This version is 14 kilograms lighter than the previous generation Fat Boy® models, and its slinging torque from a Milwaukee-Eight® 107 or 114 engine. You’ll notice the difference the instant you crack the throttle. Sometimes a bike comes along that changes the landscape. The Fat Boy® is one of them. Available in 107 (1745cc) and 114 (1868cc) engine displacements.


Milwaukee-Eight® 107

Krútiaci moment

145Nm / 3000rpm Nm


304 kg
Výkonný motor s hladkým chodom, ostrou reakciou na plyn a podmanivým zvukom, ktorý poteší srdce aj dušu.